Pennsic – First Thoughts

Image result for rain at pennsic warOwen has a saying “Only Pennsic is worth the trouble that only Pennsic requires.” For me the jury is still out on the “worth” question. That’s not because it’s not a great event, it is a fantastic event, but it did more or less kick my ass back and forth from the food court to the merchant area and back to camp again, multiple times.

I don’t want to make this post about my physical challenges, or about my anxiety, but I will say that two weeks in a tent, in Western Pennsylvania, in the middle of summer, is something that I will not essay lightly again. I was utterly unprepared for the heat, the humidity, and the walking.

I met a number of very fine bards, and got to see other old friends, some of which I haven’t seen in years. Musically I was on top of my game, very few unforced errors, good state presence, and receptive audiences. Perhaps the standout bardic moment for me was performing “The Lost Crusade” with Cantore Borealis, the choir group that Mistress Orlaith leads at Pennsic.


I Need Your Help

In the Middle Ages patronage was important to the arts. Painters, sculptures, poets and musicians (mathematicians, astronomers too) were often only able to survive and create art because of the support of their patrons.

Life here in our in the Current Middle Ages is not all the different. For many of us the only way to survive as a working artist in the SCA is though patronage. I would be grateful for your support on Patreon.